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Maria Vision Medjugorje is the first religious television in the Croatian language in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It was established as a subsidiary of "Maria Vision" - a mission that has been broadcasting Catholic and religious content in its television program for years with the aim of evangelization


By purchasing our souvenirs, you are helping the further work of Maria Vision Medjugorje and you are becoming our supporter. All items are handmade, unique products, which can only be found at Maria Vision Medjugorje.


All data left by the customer after his purchase is protected by those that are not visible except your addresses and personal data. All bank account data and all other bank data are strictly protected.


All products on our online webshop are also available in our branch office in Medjugorje at Šege 29.

Most of the products are handmade that exist only with us in the Souvenir Shop are not available in any other.

Unique products from the heart of Medjugorje.


- Credit / Debit Cards

For information on sending and receiving packages, read the rules on the button below.

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